Studio & Fitting

Our studio is located in Sankt Marien, in the center of Upper Austria. Wherever inspiration hits, ideas and sketches are created. Designer Julia Sophie sketches by hand and brings her ideas from everywhere right to the studio, where they are selected and finalized. Our products are carefully sewn by hand. Each dress becomes an individual one-of-a-kind piece everytime.

Highest quality standards

We value high-quality materials and select all fabrics carefully ourselves. Our suppliers are exclusively from value- and quality-oriented companies in Europe as we think this is a must in this special times. We mainly use natural materials like silk, cotton, viscose or wool as those fabrics are not only one of the most elegant on the market but simply feel fantastic on skin, even at high temperatures. Especially in summer, natural fabrics assure great comfort on your skin and leave a long-lasting impression.

Try on our dresses

All sample dresses in our collections are available to try on in size 38. We are always happy to customize our dresses for you. Specially when it comes to changes in length or adding a train, changing necklines and so on.

Julia Sophie Studio

Am Leitnerberg 11
4502 Sankt Marien